Tuesday, October 9, 2012

INTRODUCING: "ICE WATERS" exfoliating body salt scrub.  This exfoliator is named after a very special man who's as cool, calm and laid back as this refreshing mint aroma therapy scent.

ICE WATERS is a exfoliator for both men and women don't be fooled by the color.  This is the scent you would reach for to assist you in reducing your stress levels leaving you feeling CALM, COOL and COLLECTIVE!

CONGRATS to "ICE WATERS" it is the 1st scent to be SOLD!


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  1. Get Excited! I finally used my Ice Water exfoliating body salt scrub very impressive. Ice Water is very moisturing and you don't need to apply body lotion afterward. FABULOUS!!! 10 Stars. Cool Calm and Collective yes it is!